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  • False subscriber email with no links (from US, Turkey, Poland)
    New York, NY - Thursday, July 9th, 2009

    Garbage/sex newsletter with no links (spam) originating from; (Poland) (Poland) (Turkey - DSL carrier)

    Spam from Poland and Turkey is identical to spam from the US based IP
    - this is considered Garbage Spam (not a valid newsletter, but actually a test mailing to see if your address is being rejected), valid send from spammer's system then reflects your email is still valid - no way to unsubscribe.

    various subjects (birthday, diploma, sex, et al).

    Mail appears to come from self in many cases (fake sender with recipient email in from).
    Spammers are most likely using email addresses they've scraped from the web with bots/spiders and then testing them daily with a fake newsletter.

    begin sample body

    Better Sex Better Relationship. Day of the week (to better resemble a valid maillist mailing)

    Garbage message that may or may not make any sense followed by FAKE UNSUB LINKS AT BOTTOM OF SPAM (no links work other than your own email address)

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    --------------end sample body


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