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  • Fake/Spoof UPS notifications
    New York, NY - Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

    Fake/Spoof notifications from United Parcel Service (UPS), emails originating from ip using domain name struckmann.de.

    Fake email contains a false notification of a shipping problem (common in Phishing scams) from UPS. .zip file is attached M987cda46.zip (variations in name possible).

    • .zip attachment contains an .exe file that has an Excel icon
    • AVG scan shows no viral attachment.
    • McAfee shows no viral attachment.
    • Attachment is in fact a variation of X.Mal/Bredo-A08x (where x is variant a,b and c).

    Site report for ip (owned by Laboratoire Medical Biron in Canada). Suspect retaliation for our agressive reporting of Yahoo Groups spam pointing to Canadian Pharmacies and designer watch phishing scams where the site simply collects your Credit Card info in order to sell to other identity theives.

    IP has been blocked.

    Domain unknown Netblock owner Laboratoire Medical Biron
    IP address Site rank unknown
    Country  CA Nameserver unknown
    Date first seen unknown DNS admin unknown
    Domain Registry unknown Reverse DNS unknown




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